Free Write 7/12/2012

                Her heals clacked along the ceramic tiles flooring of the local grocery store down on main. She’d been here many times before, as had so many others for such a small town with only two to choose. She used to go to the other one. The one on the other end of town. But now that was among the many things left in the destruction of her marriage. Things she used to do. She pulled her coat closer across her shoulders as a cool breeze blew in the door from the other end. She hated this time of year. She favorite fruits were nearly impossible to get in this remote of a location, leaving her little choice but to trek down the dimly lit recesses of the canned foods isle.

                He would be home soon. The new guy in her life. He wasn’t particularly anything special to her in her life, but then again right now nothing was. Why did all the cans appear to be approximately the same size and mostly within the same shades of color? She thought longingly of fresh bites of delicately seeded strawberries followed by the crisp sweet sugar-snap peas she knew usually settled atop the produce isle shelves in any time other than midwinter. Her mouth began to water as her eyes continued down the aisles and she half-heartedly began to bring herself back to the stark reality of the world around her.

                So much had changed sinceJohnwent away. The world itself had seen change. Who would have thought that someone like her would have been standing here in the latest CK dress and , “yes dear, THOSE shoes,” as her mind began to roll down the emergency stock list. 10 cans of stewed tomatoes, 5 huge bags of rice. Beans enough to make any man’s protein count for months on end without doubt. The list continued and her thoughts mingled with the bomb shelter they would soon inhibit in this 1930’s world of forlorn war. Cans and refrigeration. A woman’s first salvation.

                yes, she answered herself, we do have plenty of can openers. Water in bottles. Who would have thought. Emergency bandage kits had been stocked in the same isle in a haphazard approach for the emergency shopping ease of the masses, at their earliest convenience. Yes, he would be home soon. She would have to hurry. The canned goods came in bulk as she eyed a rather large tub of pudding. The kids would like that. Plates and spoons. It was amazing the most trivial everyday things one had to concentrate on as the world crashed down around them.


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