HashBrowns…October29 – November 2, 2012 No Seven Wonders

Small Potatoes

I was tempted to put this photo up all on its own today…without writing anything. It is one of those photographs that simply speaks without words. Her eyes say everything.

I am surrounded by children everyday. And whether they are my own, or some other mother’s, they all share one thing in common. Wonder.

A walk in the woods is a thousand questions.

A blank piece of paper is a possibility.

A bin of play sand is a far off land where one is sure to find buried treasure.

An empty cardboard box is potential.

Children wonder so they can learn. If they didn’t wonder, they wouldn’t ask questions. Without questions, there is no new knowledge gained.

This is something I have to remind myself as I am answering the question, for the umpteenth time, why water is wet. It’s hard not to just say…

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